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Coral gains FSC® Chain-of-Custody Certification

Coral Tools Ltd is proud to announce it has gained a chain-of-custody certification for the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), effective 21st December 2017 (License: FSC-C138898).


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The award has followed a strict audit of Coral’s procurement and handling of certified wood products by Control Union.

Chain-of-custody records the path wood products take from the forest to the final consumer. It includes all stages of manufacture, transportation and distribution and identifies the movement of the product from one link in the supply chain to the next. It is achieved by each link in the chain having a management system that can demonstrate how certified wood products are identified and controlled throughout the time that the product is in ownership. Therefore, Coral can now ensure that all their certified wood and paper products come from proven, well-managed forests according to the requirements of the FSC® scheme.

The awarding of the chain-of-custody certification follows our strong focus on continuous improvement related to quality management in addition to environmental management.

Coral is proud to assure its customers that every purchase that bears the chain-of-custody certification has been produced in such a way as to avoid wood from areas where the management practices damage ancient forests, harm wildlife or jeopardise the future of the people whose lives depend on the forest.

Matthew Page, Director for Coral said: “Incremental improvements in the sustainability and environmental impact of our products has always been hugely important to us and we are delighted to have been awarded certification. We are passionate about using responsibly sourced materials from well-managed forests."



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