How to Prepare and Care for Your Paint Brush


Following these easy steps before, during and after using your paint brush will help you achieve impressive results and optimise brush performance, in addition to extending its useful lifespan: 

Before first use: PRE-WASH and COMB to remove debris / stray filaments from production.

For best results: PRE-WET with a suitable thinner† and remove excess for a slightly damp, primed state. Avoid using water-based and solvent-based coatings with the same brush.

Cleaning: † Wash with a suitable thinner. For water-based coatings, use water. For solvent-based coatings, use coating recommendation or white spirit. Rinse the brush head thoroughly with clean water and remove excess with a with a clean towel. Wipe wooden handles and ferrules with a damp cloth. Comb to shape and hang dry naturally. Never soak, use hot water, apply direct heat, or put chemicals in drains.

Wooden handles are porous and can absorb water. Exposure to excess water which may cause the handle to expand (when wet) and contract (when dry) causing the brush head to become loose.

Storage: Once dry, place your brush in a protective cover* and store in a dry, dust-free place to keep it in top condition for your next project.


* We recommend: Coral Seal & Save Wrappers