We are proud that the Coral leadership team are in aggregate our largest investors. This empowered structure allows for calculated risks to be taken quickly and for emerging growth opportunities to be seized without delay.

With a cohesive team of consumer-focused executives, boasting a depth of experience and breadth of capability, we guarantee on creating outstanding value propositions.

We hire talented people who have the attributes to help us progress as a fast growing, geographically far reaching and more profitable company. In return, our people flourish professionally and enjoy participation in a successful and supportive team that values exceptional relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Executive Team

We are fortunate to have a dynamic executive team with deep experience gained in range of consumer goods companies and other industries. Our executive consists of the two original founders namely Matthew Page and Andrew Cleghorn who previously worked together at a competing supplier of decorating products for a number of years. Matthew and Andrew combine specific industry knowledge with a broad range of experience to ensure Coral Tools is dedicated to creating the tools that make decorating products easier, faster, and more affordable than ever before.

Our executive team sit alongside a number of other experienced and respected individuals who have joined Coral to lead us on our exciting journey.