Founded with a spirit of enthusiasm, Coral Tools was incorporated in England & Wales on 2nd July 2012 by a team united through the desire to revive an era when Great Britain was renowned for the design of great decorators’ tools.

Testament to our quality and performance, Coral’s fate continues to be intertwined with some of the highest skilled painters and the decoration of some of the worlds most admired buildings. In addition our products are trusted by many discerning homeowners.

Our success is built on a collaborative approach that harnesses the power of great teams to generate the best ideas and strategies. Our products reach customers through our unrivalled distribution network. We have developed reliable partnerships with retailers and distributors to provide the expert category insight and resources needed to implement excellent customer propositions and achieve superior bottom line results.

Companies like Coral Tools can be a force for good in the world. We invest in the development of great decorators’ tools designed to achieve superior results in a fast-changing industry where surfaces and coatings frequently evolve. We give substance to style, celebrating superior performance, design and innovation whilst making a conscious effort to reduce the impact that decorators’ tools have on the environment.