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Bira Direct

Supplier Membership Number: 88584

As an independent retailer in the United Kingdom, your membership of Bira Direct will provide access to impressive discounts (high profit margins) and low carriage paid orders on the full portfolio of products from Coral Tools.

Stocking great Coral products has never been easier as Bira Direct customers bypass the need open an account directly with Coral.

About Bira Direct

Bira Direct

Bira Direct Supplier

Bira Direct uses the combined purchasing power of over 7,000 Bira members to negotiate better buying terms for the independent retail members of Bira.

Ordering of Coral products through Bira Direct:

1. Quote your Bira Direct membership number when you place your order.
2. Ask for your order to be invoiced via Bira Direct Ltd.
3. Receive delivery of your goods.
4. Your invoice will be sent to Bira Direct, and they will settle your bill with us.
5. Bira Direct invoice you for your order from Coral, and you pay them as normal.

More information:

If you are a Bira member and would like further information on the preferential prices available to you and details of our latest promotions please contact us.